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STEP 1: Please watch the video below to get caught up ❤️


STEP 2:  Watch and learn the Black Vanity "Elevator Speech" 👌🏿


STEP 3: Please watch & learn all about the "fine print" ❤️ Also, Click this link for a quick affiliate portal tour. 


PLEASE NOTE: I meant commission rate of 15% not $15 !!

STEP 4: How to access your ambassador portal

STEP 5: Feed & Story Posting instructions 

Please follow these guidelines when posting on social media:

1. Always Tag @iamblackvanity on the photo AND in the caption section  (when posting on your feed)

2. When posting, please keep "face obstructing filters" (ex: dog ears, etc...) to a minimum.

3. Always use these hashtags on your feed post:  #thisisblackvanity #blackvanity 

#buyblack  #blackowned 


#phillybrand #supportblackbusinesses 



STEP 6: Content Inspiration

I love you for you, so I will ALWAYS encourage you to be authentic in the style & manner you'd like to post... still, here is some inspiration on the types of post I am looking for 


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