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Eczema can be a very stressful and frustrating condition, and can make living your daily life challenging and uncomfortable. Some people suffer all of their lives with this condition not knowing that it is 100% curable.

If you struggle with severe eczema or psoriasis this is the perfect bundle for you. 

We’ve hand crafted the products with the most healing ingredients to help you jumpstart your journey.

You will be AMAZED by the results !

Here’s what’s included in the bundle & why:

  • Char-COCOA - An all natural gentle artisan soap bar that is perfect for treating inflamed skin. It’s packed with black soap and healing oils like tea tree. 
  • Body Buffer - Replaces tradition wash cloths 
  • Healing Triple Butter- A daily moisturizer that is packed with healing butters and oils that feed and nourish the skin as it heals. It also fades dark marks ! 
  • Body Potion- A gentle scrub that helps get rid of dead skin. 

Thats such a GREAT value for the reward you will be getting. You don’t have to suffer anymore! Purchase your full bundle and begin to see results 🙌🏿