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This traditional African BAWDY BUFFER is pure genius and has been used by African people for centuries‼ It exfoliates, beautifully lathers soap, drys nicely, and can last for YEARS !! Once you Bathe with this West African Body Buffer a normal washcloth will NEVER do.

Unlike traditional washcloths, these African BAWDY BUFFER DO NOT breed & spread harmful bacteria. Since they are able to hang dry in the shower and are even able to be thrown in with your regular laundry 🧺, they DRAMATICALLY reduce the possibility of bacteria. They rinse well and dry quickly to provide a more hygienic bathing experience.

PERFECT FOR FULL-BODY CLEANSING & EXFOLIATION: These African BAWDY BUFFERS are the best bath product for removing dead skin cells, stimulating blood circulation, eliminating impurities, and unclogging pores.

EXTRA WIDE & LONG DESIGN MAKES IT EASY TO REACH ALL AREAS OF THE BODY: The long length makes the African BAWDY BUFFER ideal for washing all areas of the body including the back and feet. 

REMOVES DIRT, OIL, AND OTHER IMPURITIES FROM THE SKIN: The African BAWDY BUFFER is rougher than a standard washcloth but soft enough for daily use. The nylon fabric encourages strong soap lathering and works well for eliminating dirt, oil, and impurities from the skin.

Care Instructions: Prior to your first use, place it in 6 cups of freshly boiled water and let soak for 30 mins then hang to dry then it’s ready for use. 

Feel free to machine wash your African BAWDY BUFFER every 1-2 weeks to extend its life. I’ve had the same BAWDY BUFFER for over 6 years & it still feels like NEW !!