JUMBO SIZE Banana Glaze 24 Hr Edge Control + FREE EDGE BURSH

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Hair Type: Loc'd & Loose Naturals

No gatekeeping here!! Let me put you on the best edge control on the market! Our NEW 24-Hour Banana Glaze Edge Control is formulated with Argon & Castor oil to help strengthen your edges while it holds those pesky flyaways and baby hairs in place all day. ⁠

PLUS ...It's perfect for Loc'd and Loose naturals !!⁠

Here's the tea...⁠

✔️ No Flakes⁠
✔️ Pleasant BANANA Scent⁠
✔️ JUMBO 5.3oz container⁠
✔️ Long Lasting⁠
✔️ Humidity-resistant⁠
✔️ Not Oily⁠
✔️ Water Soluble / washes out easily

Ingredients: Water, Beeswax, Styrene-acrylates copolymer(for Hold), Menthyl Lactate (emollient), Argan Oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, American Basil Oil, Banana Fragrance.