Root freeze (Strong Hold Retwist Spray) For LOC'D Naturals

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The Loc product you've been waiting for !!!!

Our Root Freeze Retwist Spray has the hold you want and dryness or buildup you don't perfect for grooming locs AT ALL STAGES!

Whether you have set days in the month for twisting and locking, or you simply loc when you notice it’s time, the Root Freeze Retwist Spray is designed for you to achieve a fine grooming experience and outcome. For best results use it on your routine wash days. After your deep cleanse, shake the bottle well and spray on new growth. Then groom locs as usual. If you’re concerned about dry locs, or love keeping your locs hydrated before they even have the chance to think about drying out, pair the Root Freeze Retwist Spray with Strand-tastic Hair Gloss. Allow locs to dry under a dryer. Locs will hold in place without build-up.

What’s Inside of the Root Freeze Retwist Spray?

The Root Freeze Retwist Spray is made with all-natural ingredients that work at keeping your locs twisted without disruption. Furthermore, this spray is 99.999% buildup free so your locs can live a long and healthy life! 


Distilled Water, Horsetail, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Maltodextrin, Preservative, Fragrance.