Yoni Balancing Serum w/ Calendula & Colloidal Silver

Yoni Balancing Serum w/ Calendula & Colloidal Silver

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Balance your feminine PH with the herbal powerhouse! 

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Our Yoni Balancing Serum is formulated to maintain & balanced vaginal pH. It is infused with antibacterial, anti-fungal, & anti-viral herbs such as Calendula & Colloidal Silver, which have been used for centuries to treat vaginal aliments

The word "Yoni" is Sanskrit and a representation of female genitalia and energy. The Yoni is a very sensitive and powerful organ, so it is very common for many women to suffer from imbalances that often lead to infection. 

Common causes of imbalance (Note: this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Hormonal changes caused by medication (i.e birth control)

  • Commercial sprays and washes

  • Stress

  • Tight/dirty clothing

  • Lack of sleep

  • Poor diet

How to use: (for external use ONLY) Apply 1-2 pumps to labia & vulva. Work product into crevices then rinse.

Please note: This product expires 6 months after opening.

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