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Upgrade Your Deodorant

Experience simple yet effective odor protection that features luxe fragrance blends, a silky application, skin-loving ingredients, and none of that harmful stuff.


Ten stars if you ask me! By far one of BEST products I can’t live without. I’m a “stress sweater” and absolutely nothing has worked for me until NOW! I’m a lifetime customer! I highly recommend this PRODUCT!

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

I'm am absolutely obsessed with every product I have received from Black Vanity.

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

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It works amazingly! I smelled my sons armpits yesterday before he showered after being at school all day and I smelled nothing in one armpit and tiny bit of musk under the other arm. This is a huge difference of how he would normally smell after school.

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member