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Whatever your hair and/or body concern may be, Black Vanity has the solution!

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Self-love/care is an endless journey. Using the finest ingredients nature has to offer, We create products that are clean, safe and, most importantly, highly effective. We hope that with each use, you intentionally invite short but frequent moments of self-care into your daily life.


Ten stars if you ask me! By far one of BEST products I can’t live without. I’m a “stress sweater” and absolutely nothing has worked for me until NOW! I’m a lifetime customer! I highly recommend this PRODUCT!

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

I'm am absolutely obsessed with every product I have received from Black Vanity.

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

I love these products. The hair products work great for my daughter. I use the wash and lotion for myself because my daughter's skin is so sensitive and reacts to fragrances. Will definitely continue to use these.

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

Earth Sap was the first I Am Black Vanity product I tried. Love how it moisturizes and gives my 60+ skin a little sheen. Great great product ❤️

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

It works amazingly! I smelled my sons armpits yesterday before he showered after being at school all day and I smelled nothing in one armpit and tiny bit of musk under the other arm. This is a huge difference of how he would normally smell after school.

Loyal Black Vanity Tribe Member

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