Welcome to Black Vanity Ambassador Program Registration & FAQ Page!

 Do you LOVE Black Vanity products? Are you present on social media & love sharing your favorite products with your followers? Would you like to earn $$$$ for doing the EXACT things you already do ?? 

Yes?! Well our Black Vanity Ambassador Program may be just what you are looking for !!!
Continue reading to see if this would be a good fit for you.
Who can become a Black Vanity Ambassador ?

We're looking for people who are serious about practicing intentional self-care, are always looking for new ways to love up on themselves, LOVVVVEEE Black Vanity Products, and are ready and able to consistently promote our products whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

We don't have a long list of ridiculous requirements, we just ask that you you have an active social media presence, and an openly obsessed following of people who love plant-based products and supporting black owned businesses :)

What can I expect once enrolled in the Black Vanity Ambassador program? 

  • First, Register to become an Ambassador HERE  
  • Ambassadors will receive a unique coupon code to promote ion their social media platforms
  • When a customer uses your code at checkout you will receive a commission 
  • Commissions are paid out on or before the 1st of the month

How can I promote Black Vanity Products?

We encourage you to use your own images/videos of you using our products. Be sure to keep the filters to a minimum and always be honest. Once you've introduced your tribe to your new found love, feel free to use images from the Black Vanity Instagram page. Still, When promoting be sure to ALWAYS add your unique code to your caption so you get credit for that purchase

Where can I promote Black Vanity Products?

Always use good judgement when posting on posts, pages, and sites. We encourage you to promote your Ambassador code anywhere you believe a receptive audience is that may be interested in Black Vanity products. However
, Please re-frame from promoting on sites and social media post that promote things like violence,  sexism, and racism to name a few. 

How much am I paid? 

You earn 15% commission each time your code is used at checkout  (This is subject to change with notice) 

Example: The cart value at Black Vanity is $42 you can expect to make $6.75 for a successful transaction. Naturally this amount will increase depending on the size of the order. 

Still interested in becoming an ambassador, register here !